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Service Status

Outlook - Permissions error message

The IT Department continues to work with the service provider to resolve the permission issues as soon as possible. 

Outlook Web Access is not affected. You can access it via the icon on your desktop or via the OneLogin portal, selecting the icon Redmail.


H Drive missing

We continue to work to restore full functionality to Home drives. A manual workaround, performed by the service desk team on point of call, is available.


MaaS360 error message "Not in group"

21/01/20. We have been working with IBM and Microsoft to identify the cause of the issue. IBM have ruled out an issue from their side so it has been escalated within Microsoft to find a solution as quickly as possible.
Unfortunately, due to the complexity involved, it is taking some time.


MAAS360 Password issue

To fix MaaS360 issue of requesting password and stating password is incorrect:

- Connect to WiFi if possible, or make sure you have good mobile data connection.
- Navigate to the mobile phone's Play Store and search for MaaS360 for Android and update to the latest version, do the same for MaaS360 Mail.
- Go to MaaS360 > Settings > tap the 3 little dots on the top right hand side and choose MaaS360 Account > enter your latest Network Password. 
- Finally, go into MaaS360 Mail, and enter your Network password.


Suspicious Email - [your name] ... [ Message clipped ] View entire message.

We have had reports of a suspicious email circulating with the subject of [your name] ... [ Message clipped ] View entire message.

If you receive this email, please delete it – no further action is required, provided you did not click the link. 
If you have opened the email and clicked the link, please do the following.


  • Immediately close Outlook. This will prevent the email from being forwarded on.
  • Immediately close any open browsers.
  • If you entered your password and /or username, you must immediately reset your password. This can be done by going to the lock screen of your computer or Citrix session, and clicking reset password. The IT Service Desk can help with this if required.
  • If you are logged into Citrix, log out of Citrix (start menu > log off). You may then log back in.
  • Go to your sent items, and retract all copies of the email that were sent from your account. Please note, this will not withdraw the email from any external emails in your contact list – if the email was forwarded on to them, please send them an email advising them of the threat.  
Further updates will follow.

iCentral access issue via IE / Firefox

Some people are experiencing issues accessing iCentral via Internet Explorer and Firefox. The issue is being investigated but in the meantime please use Chrome to access it by going to https://redcross.onelogin.com and clicking on the iCentral tile. You might need to reinstall the Onelogin app, so please do so if prompted and then click on the iCentral tile again. You should be logged into iCentral automatically after that. 

If app has been disabled, please try to repair it:

  1. In Chrome, click on menu icon (this will appear as three vertical dots) in the top right hand corner
  2. Select "More tools", "Extensions"
  3. Find the corrupted extension and click on "Repair"