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Service Status

Systems update - 24/04/2019 12:00

IT Support confirm there was an issue within Citrix between 10:01-10:33. This affected connectivity for a number of users. Users already logged in were not affected. After a period of monitoring IT have confirmed that connectivity has remained at expected levels. Root cause investigations will continue. No further updates.


Accessing Outlook via Laptop and PCs

Some of our colleagues have been unable to access their emails when using the Outlook 2013 client on a Corporate Laptop or PC. This does not affect the Citrix access to email or access via Outlook Web Access (Redmail).  I&DT have been investigating, with Microsoft, and have a resolution which is to upgrade to Outlook 2016. We have been upgrading staff who have contacted us and contacting others who have Outlook 2013 on a laptop or PC and upgrading where required. An upgrade plan to Office 2016 for corporate laptops and PCs is being developed and will be released at a later date. If you are having this issue and are waiting to be upgraded, please use Redmail or Outlook in Citrix as a workaround.


MAAS360 while connected to BRC Network (Guest or Corp)

I&DT are investigating an issue where you will be unable to access MaaS360 on the Corporate WiFi via your mobile. We continue to work with our partners IBM (MaaS360) and TalkTalk Business to resolve the issue but it is taking longer than originally anticipated. In the meantime, if you need to access your email via MaaS360 or OneLogin and Redmail at a Red Cross site, please use a 4G connection.